DriveAge10 Vouchers, The Perfect Gift Xmas2021
DriveAge10 Vouchers, The Perfect Gift Xmas2021

A place where under-age driving is allowed...


Your children are 10 years old upwards. We give you the chance to fulfil their wildest dreams. The opportunity to safely get behind the wheel of a car.


We understand.

In today’s world…

with all the technology which is available, it can be difficult to get young people out to do new things, this is why at DriveAge10 we aim to offer an experience that they will never forget.

Learning to drive is something that they will want to share with friends.

Get your child to experience some future life skills with our instructors, so that they can really look forwards to learning to drive, and feel more positive about it too.

The Solution…

A typical 30 minute, Drive30 tarmac session in the Seat Ibiza or Fiat 500 comprises of…

Meet and greet.

Our instructor makes your young driver feel welcome and at ease.

Moving off with instructor control.

Learning the importance of road position and how power steering feels.

Identifying hazards.

Learning spatial awareness.

Increasing Speed.

Taking control of the accelerator and understanding engine braking.

Making Progress

Learning to follow bends, applying the horn for the correct purpose.

Brake Pressure.

Learning how much pressure to apply.

Steering Technique.

Learning the preferred steering style.

Clutch and Gears.

Learning how to use the clutch and gears, understanding the ‘bite point’, and moving off independently.

Taking full use of the controls.

Learning how to combine all of the controls on the move.

Gear changing on the move.

Learning how to use the clutch and gears correctly on the move.

I'm sure you're asking why should a child drive? Well...


1. It builds great confidence in young people.
2. Introduces a valuable great skill while their young.
3. And best of all, gives them something to brag about with their friends.

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5 star reviews

Our clients rate us…

My son had an amazing experience today and really enjoyed the chance to drive a car in a lovely location. I would highly recommend this as a gift for your child – they will not be disappointed. Will be looking at the off road experience next. Thanks to Tim and the team 👍👏🏻😁