DriveAge10 Vouchers, The Perfect Gift Xmas2021
DriveAge10 Vouchers, The Perfect Gift Xmas2021

Safety First


Our aim is to ensure that you have a fantastic time, providing amazing outcomes for your young person to take away. We are committed to deliver an awesome experience, whilst ensuring that safety is a constant priority.

Safely enjoy our activites

We are excited to turn the key and ignite an unforgettable experience for your special young person.

Our 180 acre site, is a great safe space
Complete registration form in advance
Online booking

Your young person will be in a safe place

Our instructors are hand-picked for their aptitude to teach young people and we are professionally qualified and insured.

All the training vehicles are dual controlled and we are client centred – meaning that we teach at the learning pace of each specific driver.

safe & Secure

When you visit our safe and secure 180 acre, private young driving centre, you have time to relax on site.

Enjoy the stunning countryside views or you can choose to go into the locality while we look after your driver – we’ll provide you with information to help you get the most from your time.

I'm sure you're asking why should a child drive? Well...


1. It builds great confidence in young people.
2. Introduces a valuable great skill while their young.
3. And best of all, gives them something to brag about with their friends.

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